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How You Can Help

Our vision is to write, blog, photograph, and video our way through the National Parks — providing great content and social media that will not only help spark a groundswell of grassroots support for the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative, but will make enough money to help cover our travel expenses and get us down the road to meet our goal of spending A Year in the Parks.

To be clear, we are not a non-profit nor are we being sponsored by the government. So, why the .org? Frankly, when we started this project, we had no idea where the money would come from to get us very far down the road.

With careful budgeting, we knew we could head Out West for the summer and explore the Northeast for about 6 months. From early on, we had a pretty clear idea that we wanted to help promote the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative without taking so much as a penny from the U.S. Government. We want to help help get 4th Graders into the National Parks, forests, and other public lands.

So, how can you help?

1. Share this Blog, and Encourage Others to “Join Us – Get News”

Just use the Social Sharing buttons at the left of the page. It’s a snap.

2. Host our Blog on your Site with a Sponsorship Subscription

This is similar to a syndicated column in a newspaper or magazine. For $79 a month, we’ll send you at least 2 blog posts a week,  a video a week, and 20 photos a month from our travels that you can upload to your business website, so that any traffic from the content you use from us goes back to your website, instead of just to our blog. For any business that loves our public lands, earns its living from park visitors, or just wants to build stronger relationships with kids and families, this is a powerful content-marketing tool to show you care. Companies typically pay me and other pro copywriters around $500 per article for their content marketing. If you have a built-in connection to the National Parks and what we are doing to promote “Every Kid in a Park,” then this is a done-for-you service that’s bound to keep your prospects engaged with your online marketing. We can also provide customized copy using some combination of #3 and #5 below.

3. Hire this professional Copywriter for your Direct-Response Project

I’ve helped companies and non-profits bring in more than $5 million in new revenue from my web-copy, email-marketing, content-marketing, and sales-letter writing. With dozens of clients around the world, I have the track-record and credibility to increase your sales or lead generation with the power of the right words and ideas.

4. Freelance Assignments for this Award-Winning Journalist

I’ve been writing professionally since 1987, and have had more than 1000 articles in newspapers and magazines such as The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Ski, Snow Country, Traverse, and The Traverse City Record-Eagle, the Detroit Free-Press, and many more. Our travels offer incredible article opportunities for publications that focus on the Outdoors or the history and culture featured in our National Parks. We’ll be sending out story ideas, but feel free to contact us for assignments.

5. Gear and Apparel Sponsorships

Picture your gear and apparel against the backdrop of America’s most spectacular places — our National Parks, Forests, Lakeshores, Seashores, and other public lands. No high-priced modeling agencies or expensive production crews — just a real American family putting your gear through its paces. Beyond just pretty pictures of your stuff, though, we’ll offer product reviews that will be shared by US Family Guide’s 2600+ family-focused blogger network. And, of course, there is plenty of room for your logo on our camper and web pages.

6. Direct-Funding Sponsorships

And, of course, nothing gets us down the road better than cash. All direct-funding sponsorships from businesses will be afforded the same benefits that our Gear and Apparel Sponsors receive. Coming soon … Individuals can support us through a GoFundMe.com campaign. Stand by for updates on this.

7. Advertise with US Family Guide’s NationalParkKids.com Network of Websites and Bloggers

USFamilyGuide.com is the world’s largest network of online family media. The network encompasses over 450 local family guides and 2,671 local mom bloggers reaching parents in your markets through all online and social media platforms.


Recent Site Traffic and Social Media Reach: June 3, 2015

Total Bloggers

Twitter Followers

Facebook Fans

Monthly Blog Visitors

Email List






In the last 30 days 2,608,849 parents visited their local family guide.

My business, Great Outdoors Copywriting, is partnering with US Family Guide to launch a network of kid-focused National Parks websites (e.g., yellowstonekids.com, grandcanyonkids.com, acadiakids.com) under the umbrella of the US Family Guide. Half the proceeds from any paid advertising/blog promotions on any NationalParkKids.com website goes towards helping my family spend A Year in the Parks. Also, any referrals for paid promotions from our growing team of NationalParkKids.com bloggers helps to support our A Year in the Parks project.

8. Let us Write Reviews of your Park-Related Products and Services

Reviews are a great way to spread the word about your business’s products and services through social media. Even before we left on our trip, great companies like Forever Resorts, Cross Sound Ferry, Palmer Gulch KOA, and Devils Tower KOA offered my family complimentary camping and services so that we could blog about them. Reviews are a no-risk way to spread your company’s reach through social sharing. And we promise to never give a bad review. If we don’t have a good experience, then we just won’t write about it or pass it on to our audience because we are hear to find the positives. Complimentary camping and lodging within our National Parks also helps get us down the road further and spread the word about “Every Kid in a Park.”

Full-Disclosure Guarantee: We are dedicated to being as transparent as possible with our A Year in the Parks project. We’ll tell you if we received any freebies for anything we write about. And let you know who our sponsors are.

(If you are interested in any of these options, or just have questions, please use the “Send us a message” box at the bottom of this page or call Rich at 231-838-6660).

2 Comments to How You Can Help

  1. Hi Rich,
    I am Marty Mathis with Grand Canyon Expeditions. I am just now responding to your e-mail! My apologies, as this last 30 days have been spent in last minute preparation for our 2016 river season in Grand Canyon.

    We accommodate hundreds of people for going on 52 years now! A huge part of our guests are families. We would love to take part in our National Park Kids program. I mean where else in the world can a family takes a vacation where there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE? Where children are force to look their parents in their eyes, carrying on a conversation? A place where children lie on their backs at night and take in the GRANDEST night sky in the world? Yup, here we are, Grand Canyon Expeditions!

    Please let us know your thoughts on how we can possibly participate in this GRAND promotion of the Grandest Canyon on earth! This truly is a life changing experience and we love being part of those events!

    Until then, Blue skies and big waters,
    Marty Mathis/ Grand Canyon Expeditions Authorized Concessionaire of the NPS PO Box O Kanab, Utah 84741 1-800-544-2691 / gcex.com

    • Rich the Dad says:

      Hi Marty —
      Sorry I missed seeing this sooner. You can contact me directly at rich@greatoutdoorscopywriting.com so that I don’t miss your email. Basically, we are offering some free and (some paid-for) opportunities to post your content on our network of nationalparkkids.com websites and access our network of 3,000 mom bloggers who are as excited as you are about the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. If that sounds like it might be within your wheelhouse, then please reply to rich@greatoutdoorscopywriting.com, and I’ll send you some information about US Family Guide — the world’s largest network of online family guides and parent bloggers.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Take Care,
      Rich Bachus
      National Parks Editor, US Family Guide

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