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4th Grader Laney’s Acadia Story

Acadia National Park (3 of 3)

By Laney, a 4th Grade Junior Ranger

By Susie Johnston

Photo by Susie Johnston

Acadia National Park is mostly on Mt. Desert Island in eastern Maine. In Acadia you see a lot of tide pools. In the tide pools you see little creatures and big creatures like crabs, sea stars, and periwinkles (snails). Periwinkles are an invasive species from Asia and were brought to America for escargot — snails served in restaurants.

My family hiked from Sand Beach along the ocean and crossed the road to the Gorham Mountain Trailhead. We hiked up a lot of rocks to reach the peak where we had lunch. We learned a little geology lesson about Mt. Desert Island from a retired teacher hiking down with us. The glaciers formed the rocks and mountains. We saw saw a lot granite that had been sculpted by the glaciers.

We went biking on the carriage trails. There were a lot of hills, so I walked my bike up most of them.

See you in the parks,


3 Comments to 4th Grader Laney’s Acadia Story

  1. Elly Hurd says:

    That’s a great story, Laney! You look like a natural on your bike…even if you have to walk up a few hills. Don’t tell, but I do that too sometimes! 🙂

    Aunt Elly

  2. Susie Johnston says:

    You did a great job writing this story! I really enjoyed our carriage road biking in Acadia and then again on the historic tour roads in Yorktown, Virginia!
    Aunt Susie

  3. Mike and max says:

    Hi Mrs.johnston its max and mike we read your article.

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