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Review — Kangeaux Walkabouts

A Carryall Strap/Clip with a Thousand and One Uses —

Your Bear Spray, Water Bottle, or Whatever … Always At-the-Ready!

DSC00220About a week before my family headed out on our National Park adventures, I got an email from Zach Dycus, the inventor of a new carryall called the Kangeaux Walkabout. I didn’t have time to take on another writing project, but I told him about what my family was doing and our partnership with US Family Guide’s network of 2700 mom bloggers. Zach enthusiastically fired off a package of five Walkabouts in the mail for us to try out on our trip — for free.

I wasn’t even entirely sure what they were for, at first, and they travelled along the highways and byways unused for a couple of weeks until we hit Yellowstone National Park.

We were literally within the park boundaries for about 30 seconds before we saw our first grizzly bear, so we were serious about protecting ourselves and picked up a can of bear spray at the first opportunity. The pepper spray made our daughter feel a bit more comfortable about going off the beaten track, and the Kangeaux Walkabout made me feel more confident that I could actually deploy the spray can if needed. I had visions of fumbling for pepper spray in the event of a real bear emergency, and the Kangeaux Walkabout helped put those to rest.

What it Is

KangeauxEssentially, the Kangeaux Walkabout is a velcro strap with an integrated clip and carabiner. The loop part of the velcro has a stretchy, rubbery, neoprene backing that can wrap around anything from a water bottle to a camera tripod … and grip it good. The clip and carabiner extend out at a right angle to the main strap, which tends to make your equipment hang nicely.

Zach also included a separate para-cord lanyard with sliding cord lock. I only used mine to hold together a roll of knee tape, but I can think of dozens of uses that make this little do-dad worth tucking into a pack.

The carryalls come in different sizes, too. So they can easily work with a thin cylinder like a telescoping wading pole for your favorite flyfisherman (Christmas, idea, Honey?) or something about as thick as a pair of Tevas. Be sure to get the largest size, though, if you plan to use it with a wide-mouthed Nalgene-type of bottle.

Why I Recommend It

DSC00219I’ve been camping, backpacking, and fishing for more than 40 years, but this was the first time that I was truly able to easily reach my water bottle and have bear spray ready to go without having to take off my pack or have something loosely dangling and slapping around as I walk. I could even grab a quick swig while hiking.

Yes, I know there are water bladders and all kinds of specialized straps and holders for sale by hundreds of companies, but I’m always hesitant to spend money on something that may only be useful for a handful of the situations I find myself in when outdoors. What I really appreciate about the Kangeaux Walkabout is its almost-infinite versatility. And you don’t have to be in the great outdoors to put it to use, either. Parents with strollers, travel fanatics, and students with backpacks will love how this carryall does it all.

You can check out more ways to put the Kangeaux Walkabout to use on your next adventure at http://www.kangeaux.com.

See you in the parks,

Rich, Carol, and Laney





3 Comments to Review — Kangeaux Walkabouts

  1. Your Sister says:

    I’m going to investigate! Sounds like it has a multitude of useful uses. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rich the Dad says:

    It would be great for a tripod because you can carry a smaller pack and not have to stuff it inside, but rather keep it handy. I just got word that Kangeaux has some new designs, too, so check them out at http://www.kangeaux.com/.

  3. Susie Johnston says:

    It is always a good idea to keep the bear spray ready and available. We learned how to carry bear spray from the TNC naturalist last summer in Montana. Also, the kangeaux looks like just the right thing for my husband who carries his large Nikon camera with him on hikes. He could bring his small tripod (rather than using my unsteady shoulder)!
    Thanks for the equipment recommendation!

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